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Daphne Dragona

Daphne Dragona


Daphne Dragona is a curator and writer based in Berlin. Through her work, she engages with artistic practices and methodologies that challenge contemporary forms of power. Among her topics of interest have been: the controversies of connectivity, the promises of the commons, the challenges of artistic subversion, the instrumentalization of play, the problematics of care and empathy, and most recently the potential of kin-making technologies in the time of climate crisis. Her exhibitions have been hosted at Onassis Stegi, Laboral, Aksioma, EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens), Alta Technologia Andina, and Le Lieu Unique. Dragona was the conference curator of transmediale from 2015 until 2019. Articles of hers have been published in various books, journals, magazines, and exhibition catalogs by the likes of Springer, Sternberg Press, and Leonardo Electronic Almanac. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Communication & Media Studies of the University of Athens.


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