Nefarious Values: On Artistic Critique and Complicity


Nefarious Values: On Artistic Critique and Complicity

Moderated by Marc Garrett

Fri 02.02.,
11:30 - 13:00

After the impact of neoliberal agendas and policies on all spheres of society, disruption and crisis have become permanent states, in which the ideological and economic complicity of art-work, research and activism becomes harder to pinpoint. Often, ideas of resistance and subversion are conflated into a wider neoliberal agenda or find themselves, wittingly and unwittingly, aligned with neo-reactionary practices. How can a self-critical perspective contribute to new processes of value creation that, especially within the fields of technology and art, are not supporting politics of polarization and the general cybernetic prescription of life? Participants will discuss autocritical cultural practices in the context of the creation and destruction of value within the nexus of art, finance, science, and technology.


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