face value

Research Values


Research Values

Thu, 01.02.2018
11:00 - 14:30
Café Stage

This mini-marathon of talks is the outcome of a research workshop organized by transmediale and Aarhus University in cooperation with the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM) in Potsdam. Over three days the RESEARCH VALUES workshop closely followed the face value theme, asking what it means to take research at face value. In this festival event, participants interrogate value and values in contemporary media and digital culture, and question cultural and technological shifts against the background of a continuous process of economization. Topics include the range of economies that pervade digital culture—among them algorithmic, datafied, organizational, blockchain, material, and face values.

With Kim Albrecht, Emanuele Andreoli, Calum Bowden, Tega Brain, Maria Eriksson, César Escudero Andaluz & Martín Nadal, Marc Garrett, Francis Hunger, Lea Laura Michelsen, Joana Moll, Luke Munn, Dionysia Mylonaki & Panagiotis Tigas, Nelly Yaa Pinkrah, Konstanze Scheidt, Francesco Sebregondi, Pip Thornton, Ashley Lee Wong

Presented in cooperation with Aarhus University and Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZeM) in Potsdam.


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