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Stop Making Money: Valuation and Non-Monetary Utopias


Stop Making Money: Valuation and Non-Monetary Utopias

Sun, 04.02.2018
12:30 - 13:30
HKW - Lecture Hall
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Even mainstream economists now seem to maintain that our monetary systems, coupled with global finance, are in crisis as well as in urgent need of innovation. The creation and destruction of value cannot be left to bankers and stock-market traders with their failed utopia of a self-regulating free market. What other utopian visions of valuation and of economic governance are currently being mobilized, and how do they relate to recent political developments, social movements, and artistic imaginations? This conversation features two researchers who engage in speculations on possible new ways of living and self-organizing: from non-monetary economies to the role of technological infrastructures such as blockchain to new ways of governance. Will we live in a world of future money or in a future without money?


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