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Hate Library


Hate Library

Installed as a public reference resource, Hate Library explores the language of far-right political groups and parties across contemporary Europe, especially their use of online forums as recruiting and collaboration tools. The library’s interrelated components mix allegory and literalism by presenting texts as documentary artworks within a symbolic and social stage for reading, understanding, and dialog. Hate Library documents several of the positions adopted by far-right and right-wing communities. It also juxtaposes the often confusing overlaps between public and online activist political discourses, as well as practices of political self-imaging in a changing Europe—which, in the face of new crises, hark back to a frighteningly familiar language. The source material reproduced in Hate Library is offensive, mundane, and just a few clicks away. It remains publicly available to internet users anywhere in the world and is traceable via the metadata about its collection left on show. The project was developed by artist Nick Thurston with the support of historian Matthew Feldman, researcher Maik Fielitz, and a range of contributors.

Hate Library was created over several years of conversations with Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, and supported by the Mazovia Institute of Culture.


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