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Offshore Investigation Vehicle


Offshore Investigation Vehicle


Offshore Investigation Vehicle by the Demystification Committee was developed within the framework of the Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research 2017. The ongoing art and research project takes the shape of an international corporate structure spanning three oceans, set up to model and explore offshore finance. For the shareholders it operates at once as a guide and a shield: not only does it provide access to a hidden world of knowledge and opportunities; it also guarantees the secrecy of the actions undertaken there. Secretive movement of money is a crucial advantage of the offshore world. In order to benefit from this, the companies behind the Offshore Investigation Vehicle are launching a collection of beachwear: Offshore Spring/Summer 2018. The apparel’s visual motifs explore the steps required to secretly redirect the profit from its sale. Purchasing beachwear initiates this movement of money, activating the Offshore Investigation Vehicle to make use of its tactics: proxies and puppet directors, omissions, and corrupt or fake information.

Offshore Investigation Vehicle von the Demystification Committe, Teil der Ausstellung "Territories of Complicity" der transmediale 2018 face value


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