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Capturing the Face of Finance


Capturing the Face of Finance

Moderated by Ruth Catlow

Fri, 02.02.2018
19:30 - 21:00
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1
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There is always something elusive about capital—its abstraction and, in particular, the hidden materiality of the financial system. From the infrastructures behind algorithmic computation to the extraterritorial zones of offshore finance, much is left beyond our sight and, therefore, comprehension. The visible face of capital is that of the market, carefully depicted and applied. What would change if we knew more about the processes and locations of financial activity? What would happen if we could navigate the conflation of capital, geography, and information? The Demystification Committee and Zachary Formwalt will discuss ways through which financial processes can be made visible, raising awareness about the role of words and images in economic representation.


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