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Extracting (Hi)stories of Complicity


Extracting (Hi)stories of Complicity

Moderated by Etienne Turpin

Sun, 04.02.2018
15:00 - 16:30
HKW - Exhibition Hall 1
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Processes of extracting and transforming raw materials into monetary value correspond to recurring forms of human and ecological violence. From the colonial past to the hypercapitalist present, the human drive to possess, exploit, and control natural resources has been affecting territories and ecological systems. The panel looks at the interplay of culture, economy, and ecology, returning to crucial questions: what are the (hi)stories that remain to be told when it comes to the extraction of raw materials? How can narratives driven from the field of art assist in revisiting the history of the environment—and the role of technology and culture within it? In addition to discussing their projects and artistic practice, Femke Herregraven and Lisa Rave will investigate the connections between postcolonial ideologies, unstable territories, and Western complicity.


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