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Transversal Values: On New Forms of Coalition


Transversal Values: On New Forms of Coalition

Moderated by Penny Travlou

Thu, 01.02.2018
11:30 - 13:00
HKW - K1
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In most discussions of values, a certain “we” is named or implied, referring to a social, economic, and cultural context. A “we” is appropriated by populist politicians, who point to the “values” of nations, regions, and cultures. But a “we” is also used by groups, movements, and populations who claim visibility, rights, and representation. As politics fail, nationalist ideologies gain traction, and segregative tendencies multiply, an urge for a new, different “we” becomes apparent, one that forces us to step outside our comfort zones and move beyond known, artificially constructed borders. But how feasible is it to think and act collectively on a transnational and transcultural level? Bringing together different positions, practices, and strategies, the discussion will revisit the role of identities, differences, and territories, and examine the potential of a politics based on interrelationship and care.


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