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Working with the Dead for Radical Economic Transformation


Working with the Dead for Radical Economic Transformation

Thu, 01.02.2018
19:30 - 22:30
HKW - K1

Activist and artistic work that targets the thanatopolitics of the financialized, debt-driven economy often leaves one group invisibilized: the dead. The University of the Phoenix is the world’s first for-prophet institution dedicated to teaching the living and the dead to rise up together to take vengeance on global capitalism. At transmediale 2018, it offers a special workshop on building intersectional collaborations for generative and radicalizing hauntings. This workshop explores some of the University’s past projects, which have included séances for famous philosophers, sending ghosts to attack the NSA, and undead flamenco in banks. It combines short lectures, multimedia presentations, yogic techniques, and small and large group discussions. Participants will also learn how to incorporate ghosts into their own artwork and activism.


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