The Many Faces of Fascism


The Many Faces of Fascism

Moderated by Diana McCarty

Thu 01.02.,
14:30 - 16:00
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To address the current rise of fascism, one needs to consider its multiple “faces,” derivatives, and ways of operation. With far-right political parties finding their way into state parliaments and groups of white supremacists becoming more and more influential, fascist ideologies are expanding to a dangerous extent. Their manner of organization on a transnational level is facilitated by online communities and platforms—here, fascist formations are given the opportunity to continuously adapt and transform. In these digital spaces, such factions often purposefully blur the distinctions between themselves and the groups they target, arguing that, above all, they are fighting the inequalities of neoliberalism. But how different are the new faces of fascism compared to their predecessors, who were claiming “revolutionary” action? The panel will study the contemporary facets of fascist movements and their zones of influence, and examine possible counteroffensive forms of ideological and political organization, addressing, too, the role of “weak resistance.”

The Many Faces of Fascism was co-produced with The Influencers / Asociación d-i-n-a as part of the New Networked Normal with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


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