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The Violent Imagination of Financial Capitalism


The Violent Imagination of Financial Capitalism

Moderated by Amel Ouaïssa

Fri, 02.02.2018
14:30 - 16:00
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The ability of capitalism to secure and prolong itself lies in its inherent and continuous relationship with imagination. Divisions based on the fictitious constructions of race and nation have assisted in the establishment of asymmetrical developments and unequal progress. Notions such as speculation and risk now describe not only the processes of financial capitalism but also the precariousness of everyday life. Visions of a future driven by a sovereign past are used to justify discrimination. How can the end of capitalism be imagined when it always succeeds in reinventing itself? What are the possible responses to its recurrent forms of violence? Forging links between the past and present, the panel will explore the inequalities of today’s neoliberal agenda, the racialized histories of debt, and the possibilities of decapitalism in an attempt to radically reimagine value and values.


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